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Our website has been carefully designed to act as a comprehensive, accurate, and up-to-date source of information about the European Travel Information and Authorization System (called ETIAS for short) for all Canadian citizens who are travelling to Italy.

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Our users can rest assured that we are completely dedicated to all of the valued international travelers who trust us and use our services. We will continue to work diligently so that we can make sure that our website is consistently up-to-date and always features the latest travel information. We want to make sure that you feel completely confident and ready to go before your trip to Italy, so that you can enjoy your travels abroad without running into unexpected issues when entering the country or having to worry about all of the newly implemented border policy logistics.

Canadian citizens who are planning to travel from Canada to Italy in the future should take note of the fact that the new ETIAS visa waiver application will become mandatory for all international travel to the Schengen zone of Europe as of 2025. With the upcoming European border policy changes in mind, we have thoughtfully created this website to be a valuable resource for international travelers. Here, you can find all of the essential border policy and visa information that you will need to plan your trip to Italy, all in one convenient place.

Our ongoing goal is to help facilitate an easy, pleasurable, and hassle-free travel experience (without disruptive surprises) for all travelers who are planning a trip to Italy or other destinations in the Schengen area of Europe for dates from 2025 and onward. Ever since the day we first began, we have been proud to be trusted as a reliable source of legitimate information about the new ETIAS visa waiver program.

Furthermore, we always strive to make sure that the travelers who rely on us are able to stay well-informed about the latest European border security policies, and that they will be fully prepared for whatever their upcoming journey to Italy and beyond may have in store for them.

Our website contains all of the necessary information that Canadian travelers will need when planning a trip to Italy or any other country in the Schengen zone of Europe after the new ETIAS system goes live in 2025. (Please refer to our homepage for a complete list of all 26 countries in the Schengen zone.) Here, you will be able to find the answers to all of the key questions you may have about the new ETIAS travel authorization program, like what is ETIAS, who needs to get an ETIAS visa waiver for travel to Italy from Canada, what all of the ETIAS application requirements look like, how much it costs to apply for an ETIAS visa waiver, how to apply online for an ETIAS visa waiver as a Canadian citizen, and much more. If you have any questions at all about preparing for your upcoming trip to Italy or another destination within Europe’s Schengen area, you can rest assured that you have come to the right place. Our website covers everything you will need to know about the new ETIAS visa waiver application process that is set to go live in 2025. Our team of experts is always available to help with whatever you might need to prepare for your upcoming trip from Canada to Italy. Please take note of the fact that we are an independent organization and we are not affiliated in any way with any government agency or with the European Union.

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Yes. All Canadian citizens will be required to apply online for an ETIAS visa waiver in order to travel to Italy or any other European country in the Schengen area. As soon as the new ETIAS program goes live in 2025, it will become mandatory for all citizens from Canada to fill out the online ETIAS application and get pre-approved prior to their departure to Italy. As a visa-exempt country, Canada will be one of the 60 countries for whom travel authorization requirements for entering the Schengen area will change in 2025. Please refer to our homepage for a complete list of the visa-exempt countries and Schengen countries.

Yes, all Canadian citizens will need to apply online through the new ETIAS visa waiver program as soon as it becomes mandatory in 2025. The new electronic ETIAS visa waiver will be a replacement for the current visa-free system for all short-term travel in the Schengen area of Europe beginning in 2025 and thereafter. There will be an initial grace period of at least six months, or possibly longer if needed, to help both international travelers and border officials alike get used to the new policies and procedures. However, it will be best for citizens from Canada to go ahead and fill out the ETIAS application form in preparation for all travel to Europe from Canada beginning in 2025. Ideally, travelers should fill out their online ETIAS application at least 96 hours (four days) before their intended departure date to allow plenty of time for processing. Doing so will provide an opportunity to resolve any potential problems that might come up during the online ETIAS application process.

Rest assured that the new electronic ETIAS application is remarkably straightforward as far as travel forms are concerned. All citizens from Canada, as well as those from the 59 other listed visa-exempt countries, will be required to fill out a simple online application prior to their departure for Italy or any other destination within the Schengen area of Europe. In the vast majority of cases, the ETIAS application should take around 10 minutes or less to complete. The online application form will cover some of the applicants’ basic personal information, background, and travel history, and will also ask them a series of security questions.

The upcoming ETIAS travel authorization program will become mandatory as of 2025. Obtaining a pre-approved ETIAS visa waiver will be a requirement for all international travel within the European Schengen zone thereafter. There will be an initial grace period of at least six months in order to minimize potential disruptions while international travelers and border officials get better acquainted with the newly updated travel authorization process.

The application fee for obtaining an ETIAS visa waiver will be €7 for all applicants who are 18 years old and over. There will be no cost for minors under 18 years old who are applying for an ETIAS travel authorization. The application fee must be paid online using a valid debit or credit card at the time you submit your electronic ETIAS visa waiver application. If the transaction does not go through for any reason, your ETIAS application will automatically get placed on hold until successful payment of your application fee has been verified.

Yes. The new ETIAS visa waiver will also be required for children and minors traveling to Italy and all other countries within the Schengen area of Europe from Canada. All travelers from the list of 60 countries that are eligible for the new ETIAS travel authorization, including children and minors, must be able to provide border officials with a valid ETIAS visa waiver in order to gain entry into any country located in the European Schengen zone from the time the new program launches in 2025 and for all international arrivals in the future. A parent or a legal guardian will be required to complete the online ETIAS application for children and minors.