Privacy Policy

Legal Information About the Website

We, also known as “business”, “we” and other similar terms, follow a strict privacy policy that includes absolute commitment to privacy laws and protecting personal information.

This Privacy Policy explains how our site uses personal data and information (hence, referred to as “user”, “you”, and the like).

This policy can be modified to meet business requirements or respond to changes in regulations or other legal developments. All updates that are required will be effective as soon as they have been posted to the website. It is your responsibility as a user to review the Privacy Policy frequently and keep it up-to-date.

This website is only for those 18 years old or older. This Privacy Policy is not part or any contract and you are not bound to it.

What does it mean to have personal data?

Personal data is any data that can be used to authenticate you, or to identify you is personal data.

Our website collects information such as your first and last names, surnames, birth date, birth place, signatures, IP address, and postal and email addresses.

What’s the most current version of the privacy policies?

We may collect, use, or process your personal information whenever you visit our website. Outgoing connections (redirects), may be provided by other parties from our domain to third-party websites.

We do not have any control over the content or privacy policies of third-party websites. Before using any of their services, we strongly advise that you review each site’s Privacy Policies.

Websites are only allowed to collect data in limited ways. These are some of the most common:

– Direct interactions: Any information that you voluntarily provide in any of our forms (such as a contact form, application form or subscription form). We also keep information that you send to us via email, phone or mail.

– Through automated technology. Our website may automatically save certain information about you, such as your IP address and browsing history within the site.

We use personal data and linked data only for the purposes stated below. (See “What happens with the information?”).

You can share additional information with us beyond the ones we ask through our website. However, by doing so, you grant us permission to use the data for the purpose you intended.

To ensure that we continue to provide the best possible user experience, we ask you to provide current and accurate information. Submissions via our newsletter subscription form are included, but not limited to.

We cannot be held responsible for incorrect, false or misleading information.

You will need permission from the person filling out the form. If the applicant is a minor, they will need to give their permission.

The following terms should be familiarized:

  • We may notify the person who holds the personal data if we receive a request to access information regarding an adult from someone other that the reference. We would not proceed with any registration/application or any other services on our website if the person mentioned objects to the application/form/submission of their personal data.
  • We may notify the parent or guardian of a minor if we receive a request to access private information without consent from the guardian. We would not proceed with any registration/application or any other services on our website if the parent or guardian of the person mentioned objects to the application/form/submission of the minor’s personal data.

What happens with the information?

There are many ways that we may use your personal data. These include:

  • Keep you informed about the ETIAS, and other important information.
  • If you are interested, we will contact you via our newsletter.
  • To reply to a comment, inquiry or question.

To improve the user experience and optimize our website’s usability and make sure that our website is not being misused for illegal, harmful or fraudulent purposes, we use browsing behavior data.

For legal purposes, we may store and process your personal data.

In most cases, the following criteria will be used for processing your personal data:

  • We have your permission to use your personal data only for the purpose for which they were collected (e.g. if Customer Service reads your email to resolve your problem).
  • To fulfill our legal obligations and/or satisfy the requirements administrative, judicial or other authorities.

Our legitimate interests include billing for our services, providing better customer service, professional services of high-quality, and monitoring fraudulent behavior on our site.

How long will your data be kept?

Personal information will not be deleted once it has been used for its intended purpose.

Your personal data will be kept safe and secure beyond that time, in the event of any civil action or dispute arising from the provision of our services.

Your personal data will be deleted from our databases after a certain period. We will remove your personal information from our databases at any time.

What personal data do we have access?

We may share your personal data with third parties when you browse or visit our website. However, only the following situations can be considered:

  • To fulfill our legal obligations and/or satisfy the requirements administrative, judicial or other authorities.
  • You can contact our tech support provider to get technical assistance for our information system.
  • To protect our legitimate interests in the case of a professional service claim.

Be aware that some third-party websites linking to or from our site could be located outside the European Economic Area.

If your personal data is transferred internationally, you may need to follow other privacy regulations and policies.

To protect your privacy and your rights, make sure you review the Privacy Policies of any redirected website.


We guarantee your privacy and security.

Our website utilizes the most current information systems and adheres strictly to technological and organisational privacy precautions.

We keep your personal information safe from unauthorised or illegal use.

All our contractors and employees must follow our strict data security policies.

We will not use your personal information without your consent.

We take all precautions to ensure that your personal data is protected on our website. You must also take precautions to protect your personal information.

Fake websites or emails or emails posing as partners should be ignored.

You have a voice in what happens

All data that you submit to our site are subject to legal access.

You have the right of having your personal data corrected, or restricted.

If you have questions regarding our Privacy Policy, or if your personal data needs to be removed from our servers, you can reach us.

You can also enable “Do not track” via various extensions and applications, which gives you more control over what cookies are allowed.

We are here to help with any concerns or questions.